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For several years I've had an interest in renewable energies, especially Solar. In November of 2015 I decided to start taking On-line classes through Solar Energy International.  solarenergy.org  I am really loving these on-line classes and I hope to get certified one day in Battery Based Systems.  I have been able to apply what I've learned so far by building a small system on the back of my property.  It is very small and basic, only 1 solar panel but it will feed a small water pump that will fill a tank located inside the shed, from there the water will be gravity feed to the miniature greenhouse and to future raised garden beds.  I'm hoping the picket fence which is lined on the inside with chicken wire will keep the bunnies out, and the three strand electric fence above will keep the deer out.  This is a start to an on going project, I'll keep posting as this hobby of mine matures. 
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This garden space uses  Straw Bale Gardening
The Solar garden along with the straw bales was a huge success and I plan on planting it out again this year.  In August of 2016 I took down the single 100 watt panel and installed 3 160 watt panels to charge the beefed up battery bank.  The bigger battery bank will now run a 3/4 HP irrigation pump through an inverter.  This years project is to add a grid tie system to the nursery.  This new grid tie system will be 1000 watts and supplement the nursery with 1/2 of the energy used in a given year.  
solar garden video clip
New for 2017
1000 Watt Grid Tie for Heated Greenhouse.